Fine Art Master Classes

Fine Art Master Classes


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Die DINAX Fine-Art Master Classes räumen mit allen Mysterien des Druckens auf und bieten Ihnen tiefe Einblicke in die Kunst der professionellen Ausgabe und Präsentation.

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Please note that we do offer our workshops only in German. If you are interested in workshops in English please send us a message, and we will get back to you.

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Anyone who is serious about the output of digital data is affected by the seemingly complex issue of color management. Our workshops explain step by step all important settings. We provide you with the assurance that you will reliably print your high-quality work on your Epson or Canon printer.

Light in the dark: hundreds of substrates promise optimal printer results. Which materials are really best for what purpose, and which materials are suitable for which type of presentation? Our workshop will answer all your questions. With easy-to-follow workflows, we provide you with suitable solutions for all obstacles on the way to perfect printing.

Sadly, at the moment, the Fine-Art Master Classes are only available in German. If you would like to book a seminar in English, please contact us under

tel: +49 2131 34 18 0| mail:

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